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This year I started doing inclusion with my 2nd graders for part of the day. Our 2nd grade uses Trophies, so I created some .
Reading: Harcourt Trophies for First and Second Grade: Second Grade Harcourt Trophies Reading Series . Harcourt for Second Grade Teachers (Note .
You Are Here: Donaldson>Harcourt Reading>Grade 2 . Grade 2 Harcourt Reading Activities
This is a week long power point unit that accomppanies Watermelon Day in the Harcourt Tropies series for 2nd grade. It builds background knowledge, ha
Information provided for classroom use only; not for publication. thevirtualvine.com 2002 . Wild About Watermelons! Watermelons . a Watermelon day harcourt sweet, drippy, juicy way to learn!
Review of vowel sounds Ou/Ow Sounds .
Watermelon Day (p. 368-389) Student Sites. Watermelon Days: acrostic poem. Spelling City. Vocabulary Match. Vocabulary Match #2. Matching. Test Tutor. Syllables Game
Watermelon Day. Hotlist. created by Ms. Watermelon day harcourt Craighead. Penn Forest Elementary School . Information About the Author. Harcourt Information . Author's Website
Name Date Vocabulary Test. Watermelon Day . Directions: Fill in the letter of the definition that fits each vocabulary word. 1. beneath A. shone
Vocabulary words for Second grade vocabulary words for the Harcourt Trophies story Watermelon Day for SEI students. . Includes studying games and tools such as .
Literacy Activities and Resources: 2nd Grade - Just For You Theme 3 - Our World: Reading Based Activities. Fact or Fiction f act or fiction practice
Harcourt Reading Levels Chart document sample . 2nd Grade ELA
Internet Activities Harcourt - Trophies - Pumpkin Fiesta Harcourt - Trophies - The Day Jimmy's Boa Ate the Wash Harcourt - Trophies - How I Spent My Summer Vacation
  • Selection: Focus Skill: Question Stems: The Mixed-Up Chameleon . Genre: Fantasy/Science. Main Idea: What is the MAIN idea of the passage? The passage is mainly about

Harcourt centers activities 2nd grade Watermelon Day. Center activities to reinforce skills using Harcourt - Watermelon Day 2nd Grade. 1. Phonics activity: Use the .
We found several results for Harcourt Vocabulary. Download links for Harcourt Vocabulary .doc MSWord Document
Lessons, activities, printouts and resources for Harcourt Trophies 2nd Grade
Theme 1: The Mixed Up Chameleon Writing Prompt: Get Up and Go! Writing Prompt
This is a graphic organizer for the story Watermelon Day by Kathi Appelt from the Harcourt Trophies series for second grade. Students recall and
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