is it ok to take expired adderall

25. října 2011 v 20:25

Best Answer: Although it is strongly recommended that you do not take expired medications you should be okay since its only been two months and the medication isnt .
I have an upcoming event and found some old propranolol laying around. It's about 2 years past the expiration date. Is it safe to take and should I
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Best is it ok to take expired adderall Answer: While some medicines may be safe and remain effective, many will not. You're better off tossing the old medicine.
Is it dangerous to take expired Aleve? ChaCha Answer: There is no danger in taking expired Aleve. Depending on how long it has been e.
Is it Dangerous to Take Expired Drugs? Since 1979, federal law has made it mandatory for drug manufacturers to place an expiration date on both prescription and over .
Is it OK to take expired prescription drugs? Prescription drug expiration dates indicate the guarantee from the manufacturer that the medication will retain its .
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Taking expired adderall xr, Sunday school high attendance award, Taking expired adderall xr. I don
my chantix is over a year expired is

is it ok to take expired adderall

it still safe to take say no.dr,s are not allowed to give u out of date meds.We used to take. Chantix- bottle version safe after .
Best Answer: I've eaten expired yogurts for two weeks and they are fine. I've also had almonds and peanuts four months after the expiration date and they are fine .
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